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Helping you find reasonable solutions to land disputes through mediation.

Mediator Philip Hundl can help you develop better solutions to land dispute cases.

Land dispute litigation is expensive. Mediation can often find solutions that are acceptable to all parties in a land dispute without going to court. Finding solutions with the assistance of an experienced land dispute mediator will likely save you money and often provides the parties with better outcomes.

Attorney and Mediator Philip J. Hundl has many years of experience litigating and settling land disputes. He can help parties identify solutions.

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Client Reviews

These are a few of the reviews provided by Mr. Hundl’s clients.

Phillip Hundl was excellent to work with. We feel that he was very fair and very knowledgeable. We felt he treated us with respect and helped us the best way possible. Will definitely continue to use him for all of our needs.

Jason H.

Jason H.

GAtherUp Review

Philip Hundl was everything and more when we were faced with possible condemnation by a pipeline. He made himself available to us within hours of first talking to him, did a careful examination of our property to fully understand our concerns, and then he gave us a complete and clear pathway to follow. I could not have been more impressed. A true Texas gentleman and a scholar. Look no further.

Karen Danburg

Karen Danburg

Google Review

Pleasure doing business with Phil and Laura. Phil was very methodical in his approach to the situation regarding an oil pipeline on my property. Laura paid the utmost attention to every detail of my case and made sure all my questions were answered and concerns addressed. Pleasure working with this firm and will be sure to use them again if the need arises.

Alexander Pinvises

Alexander Pinvises

Google Review

Why Try Land Dispute Mediation

There are many reasons to try land dispute mediation to reach a reasonable solution to your case. One primary reason is that you retain control of the case in mediation. You can agree or not agree to the mediated settlement — in contrast, the decision of a court does not depend on your agreement.

The mediation process can identify creative solutions to complex disputes. Settlement terms can be kept private in mediation.

Litigation can take years, but mediation might resolve your case much more quickly. That can save you money.

Click the video below for Philip’s description of mediation’s potential advantages for your land dispute case. After watching, click anywhere outside the video to return to this page.

Why Do Land Dispute Mediation

Land Dispute Mediation Blog Posts

These are articles and videos from Attorney and Mediator Philip Hundl describing how land dispute mediation services can develop reasonable solutions to settle your case. Mediation offers you the possibility of innovative solutions that satisfy the requirements of all parties, saving you money and time.