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I’m Attorney and Mediator Philip Hundl

My Background in Land Dispute Litigation Can Help You Be Successful

A principal focus of my practice has been land dispute litigation. I’m the author of the Texas Condemnation Rights blog, and I work with landowner clients in various eminent domain cases. I’ve also created videos on topics related to partition and division of undivided interests, easement disputes, and other aspects of property law.

As a land litigator, I’ve had a hard time finding knowledgeable mediators for land partitions and condemnation cases. I’ve worked with some good mediators, but many didn’t seem to understand some of the creative solutions offered by one side or the other during mediation.

So I qualified as a mediator, and I’ve been using my land litigation background to help attorneys and their clients find reasonable solutions to all types of land cases. My years of experience in land litigation and as an attorney participant in mediation help me help you find reasonable solutions to various land dispute issues.

A Client Review of Mediator Philip Hundl

Even for a good attorney, I am confident that resolving a land partition dispute among siblings can be a delicate situation. Notwithstanding having never considered finding myself in this position, Philip Hundl listened, assessed and provided excellent counsel. He was extremely skilled at keeping the ball rolling on the dual tracks of litigation and mediation, always keeping us focused on an acceptable resolution to the issue at hand. Being married to an attorney, I had heard legal horror stories of years of sibling rivalry being played out in court at enormous expense. Philip successfully negotiated a mediated settlement on our behalf within six months of filing suit, much to my relief. I cannot recommend his services more highly.

Carole D.

Carole D.

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Reasons to Consider Land Dispute Mediation to Resolve Your Case

Reasons to Consider Land Dispute Mediation to Resolve Your Case

Summary of the Land Dispute Mediation Video

Sometimes people will say, why mediate? Why waste time mediating? What are the benefits of mediating a case? Here are some of the reasons.

  1. Courts Will Require It Anyway. Most courts will require you to try mediation anyway.
  2. You Gain Control Over Your Case. Number two, by going to mediation, you gain control over the outcome of the case. The mediator will try to facilitate a resolution of the dispute between the parties. But you, as a party in a litigation case, will have to agree to that resolution. It’s not going to be a decision made by the mediator or the court or a jury.
  3. Limiting Litigation Costs. Another reason you’d want to go to mediation is cost. Litigating a case through trial, be it a bench trial with a judge, or a jury trial, is extremely expensive. Using mediation is an excellent way to limit litigation costs if you reach a resolution.
  4. Confidentiality. Another top reason to go to mediation is to keep things more private or confidential than a public trial. A trial is going to be public. The outcome of the trial will be public. So if privacy is important to you, then reaching a confidential settlement agreement is something you want to do. Of course, the parties have to agree to the settlement agreement’s confidentiality.
  5. Cut the Time to Settlement. One more reason is the timeframe for settling the dispute. It varies if you litigate. Different courts have faster dockets than other courts. It’s very possible that a case could take between a year and a half to three and a half years to get to trial. That sounds like a long time, but court cases have been rescheduled, and trials have been canceled because of the pandemic. So if time is important to you, getting your case to a meaningful mediation will improve the likelihood of quick resolution.

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